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Ah Tzul Ahaw by ZingZang1235

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Ah Tzul Ahaw

By: ZingZang1235
Last Updated: Dec 31, 2023
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Ah Tzul Ahaw

God of the eclipse

God Description

Passive Ability

Eclipse phases
All BAs apply a mark of eclipse phases. If an enemy has 4 stacks Ah Tzul Ahaw is healed and deals missing hp dmg to that enemy. The missing hp dmg alternates with max hp dmg every time passive activates on an enemy.

Primary Abilities

Shifty Shadow
Upon casting Ah Tzul Ahaw becomes a shadow, dashes forwards, and leaves a shadow at casting position. Becoming a shadow makes Ah Tzul u targetable and invincible. After 1 sec the shadow left behind retracts to Ah Tzul's current position. Any enemy hit grants Ah Tzul power, takes dmg, and is stunned. Shadow form dissipates when shadow returns.
Blinding Eclipse
Ah Tzul Ahaw shines a bright light from its scorpion tail in a cone forwards. This cone originates behind Ah Tzul. Any enemy hit takes dmg, is slowed, and if facing Ah Tzul are blinded. Enemies that are hit are marked for 3 sec. If Ah Tzul uses a BA on a marked enemy they take max hp dmg every BA based on the distance the attack went.
Burning stingers
Upon casting Ah Tzul gains 25% attack speed and it's BAs become ranged shooting scorpion stingers for 3 sec. Hitting an enemy marked with blinding Eclipse grants Ah Tzul movement speed for 1.5 sec.

Ultimate Abilities

Sacrifice of the Eclipse
In a thin long line forwards Ah Tzul Ahaw stabs with its stinger. Any enemy hit is skewered on and take dmg. Ah Tzul can then carry enemies hit for 1.5 sec before they break free. Gains movement speed if this ability lands. Becomes cc immune when casting and has a delay of .3 sec before stabbing forwards. If an enemy is hit by the stinger they can not use beads immediately. This time of not being able to use beads is .2 sec.

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