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Ix Tub Tun by ZingZang1235

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Ix Tub Tun

By: ZingZang1235
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2024
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Ix Tub Tun

She who spits out precious stones

God Description

Passive Ability

Sharpened Stones
Each successful BA on an enemy grants a stack up to a cap of 5. Each stack grants attack speed and increased critical strike chance. If she exceeds 100% crit chance converts the excess times 1.5 its value into critical strike dmg increase. If hit with cc stacks are reset or after 5 sec of not landing a BA.

Primary Abilities

Jade Scales
Gains a shield, attack speed, and cleanses slows and roots on herself and becomes immune to them whilst shield is active. Lasts 5 sec. Successful BAs while the shield is up life steals a portion of the dmg dealt and deal increased dmg.
Dauntless Drill
Gathers jade crystals around herself into the shape of a drill and spin dashes forwards. Any enemy hit takes dmg multiple times and are carried forwards with Ix Tub Tun. Takes reduced dmg from the front and sides while dashing. dash itself is cc immune. Enemies hit are marked with jagged rock. Each successful BA on a marked enemy reduces their protections and grants movement speed. Mark lasts 3 sec and effects it grants.
Jade Serpent
Fires a snake made of jagged jade crystals forwards in a line. Deals dmg in a small cone behind the target hit and stops on the first enemy it hits. If this ability kills an enemy unit it's cooldown is reduced to 0 and heals her. If this hits an enemy marked by Dauntless Drill it deals max hp dmg and slows. This ability is treated like a BA for her other abilities. Can apply item effects but only on initial hit. Cone explosion does not apply item effects.

Ultimate Abilities

Crystal Assault
Passive: gain hp based on a percentage of Ix Tub Tun's critical strike chance and total power.

Active: Upon casting leaps to an area covering herself in stones. This grants increased protections, full passive stacks whilst ability persists, increased movement speed towards enemy gods, a shield based off her missing hp, and increased life steal. Also gains slow and root immunity. All buffs last 7 sec and gains 3 sec for every kill she gets. Landing causes an explosion to occur around her rooting and dmging all enemies hit. Jade Scales has a different effect while this ability is active. Launches a rock upwards at an area and when it lands it expands dealing dmg and rooting enemies hit.

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