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Jiraiya by ZingZang1235

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By: ZingZang1235
Last Updated: Dec 1, 2023
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Young Thunder

God Description

Passive Ability

Toads skin
Whenever Jiraiya takes dmg he stores 50% of it as grey health. This hp lasts 3 sec before it depletes healing Jiraiya a portion of that hp back. The more the same enemy grants Jiraiya grey hp he gains a stacking protection and movement speed buff. Protections is dependent on the type of dmg he is hit with the most. This lasts 3 sec. This effect can only stack from one enemy and up to 10 stacks.

Primary Abilities

Nakimaru: wave cutting sword
This ability changes depending on if it was tapped or held down

Tap ability: Wall of Waves: upon casting Jiraiya raises his sword, The Nakimaru, for 2 sec and can't move during this time. Can only turn. Any projectile or BA that hits Jiraiya's sword is reduced by the dmg that his BA would do with only 25% of item effects. If Jiraiya successfully negates an entire attacks dmg he slashes with his sword automatically in the direction of the enemy who hit him and sends a wave of energy from his sword. This slows, deals dmg, and ignores a percentage of the enemies protections.

Held ability: Sword Surge: holding this ability causes Jiraiya to stand in place and hold his sword in its sheath. Then upon releasing or waiting 2 sec Jiraiya dashes with immense speed.forwards. any enemy hit takes dmg and is marked. Mark lasts 3 sec. If any BA hits that mark it deals bonus physical dmg based on Jiraiya's protections. For Jiraiya himself this bonus is converted into bonus true dmg. Each successful BA on a marked enemy grants the mark stacks. When the mark dissipates it explodes and deals dmg equal to one of Jiraiya's BAs on that enemy. The number of BAs that occur increase based on the amount of stacks the mark had when it exploded. This reduces his BA dmg by 25% and does not activate item effects when it occurs.
Shotgun Finisher
Upon casting Jiraiya dashes a short distance forwards, sheathes his sword, and pulls out a shotgun. This augments his BAs to be on an ammo system, affect a cone in front of him, and deal bonus dmg. Every 2 BAs Jiraiya has to reload his gun which is affected by attack speed. Each BA fires between 5-7 pieces of shrapnel that each deal the dmg evenly split. This lasts 5 sec and gains a small movement speed buff while active. If more then 3 pieces hit the same enemy they deal bonus crit dmg and slows.
Toad magic: Toad Mount
Upon casting Jiraiya mounts a large toad. This changes his movement and BAs and ends Shotgun Finisher early. Moving now causes Jiraiya and the toas to hop a set distance. Any enemy underneath the toad when it lands takes dmg and is stunned. Moving the aiming reticle changes the jump distance. Has a cooldown between each jump that is affected by movement speed. BAs are replaced by the toad sticking it's tongue out in a line after a brief delay. Any enemy hit takes dmg and is pulled towards the toad and slowed. This ability can be recast to have Jiraiya gain a shield and in an area around the toad electricity strikes all enemies dealing dmg constantly, trembling, and reducing protections each hit. Lasts 3 sec. Can ride the road indefinitely. Ability ends when Jiraiya cancels it or is hit with cc.

Ultimate Abilities

Tempest Toad
Upon casting this ability Jiraiya slashes forwards with the Nakimaru and in a wide line forwards the slash turns into a wave. Any enemy hit takes dmg and is knocked up. Then Jiraiya automatically casts Toad Magic: Toad Mount and it's recast is active the entire duration. Can not cast other abilities while this one is active. BAs are not the toads tongue and instead make Jiraiya pull out a long gun. After a 1 sec delay Jiraiya fires the gun. In a straight thin line a bullet zooms past and any enemy hit takes dmg based on missing hp, are slowed, and the bullet if ores 30 of that enemies protections. Protections that are ignored are reduced per enemy hit. Only has 3 of these BAs. Toad form lasts 7 sec.

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