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Moritasgus by ZingZang1235

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By: ZingZang1235
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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The Great Badger

God Description

Passive Ability

Irritating Itch
Taking dmg or cc grants stacks of irritation. Max 10. Each stack grants hp5 and attack speed. Reaching max stacks increases it's power and grants movement speed. Max stacks also make its BAs heal for a portion of its max hp. Stacks last 3 sec.

Primary Abilities

Dirt and Grime
For 5 sec gain increased hp5 Regen, movement speed, and attack speed. During this time Moritasgus leaves behind a trail of dirt that heals allies over time and grants movement speed. Takes 15% reduced dmg as well. If an enemy walks into this trail or is hit with a BA they have their protections reduced and can stack up to 10 times. Also slows enemies in it.
Crazed Tunneling
This ability has 2 charges. Can have up to 8 tunnels out at a time. Each tunnel lasts 180 sec. Enemies can stand on tunnels for 2 sec in order to destroy them early. Is cc immune while tunneling but if cc lasts longer then the tunneling it still applies when it comes out.

Upon casting Moritasgus digs into the ground and creates an underground tunnel to a designated location. The distance the tunnel extends can be controlled when casting and can go under walls and terrain. The same tunnel can't be used again till after 5 sec of using it. Exiting from a tunnel throws dirt around in an explosion dmging, knocking up, and marking enemies hit. Marked enemies have antiheal and are revealed even if invisible. Mark lasts 3 sec and marked enemies can't be knocked up again by this ability until it disappears.
Digging Claws
In an arc forwards slashes with both claws dealing dmg plus bonus dmg based on its max hp. Gains attack speed for the next 2 BAs which lasts 3 sec. Successful BAs lowers this abilities cooldown. If this ability kills a unit or hits an enemy marked by Crazed Tunneling the next cast deals additional dmg. This effect can stack up to 3 times.

Ultimate Abilities

The Great Badger
Upon casting Moritasgus charges forwards becoming cc immune and dmging and carrying enemies hit. It then gains max hp, grows in size, and gains movement and attack speed. Dirt and Grime is constantly active during this time, covers a larger area, and increases the heal and movement speed bonuses by 20%. Crazed Tunneling charges recharge faster and can be cast further. Digging Claws has lower cooldown and automatically has max dmg stacks.

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