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Vishnu by ZingZang1235

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By: ZingZang1235
Last Updated: Nov 18, 2023
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The Preserver

God Description

Passive Ability

The Trimurti of Sattva
Whenever 9 minions die near Vishnu he heals himself and the nearest, lowest health ally based on his hp. The 9 minions can also be jungle camp monsters. Buff holders grant 3 charges. Participating in a kill grants half a charge and killing the god himself fully activates his passive.

When any of Vishnu abilities are on cooldown they transform into different abilities. Cdr affects only the cooldown of the first ability.

Primary Abilities

First Avatar: Matsya/Third Avatar: Varaha
First Avatar: Matsya: upon casting this ability Vishnu turns into a fish and swims forwards in a line and jumps out of the water. Behind him are groups of smaller fish. Any ally hit by the fish are healed a small percentage of their missing hp. If an ally is hit by all the fish they also gain attack speed.

Third Avatar: Varaha: Vishnu swiftly turns into a boar and rips a piece of land up. Any ally standing in the area that's lifted are banished. While banished allies can use BAs and gain 25% increased BA range but can't move. This lasts 3 sec. Only Vishnu can cancel this ability early. When this ability ends any ally that comes back down gains a shield. Vishnu cannot move or cast any other abilities while lifting up his allies. If an enemy is in the area when it's lifted they are knocked back.
Second Avatar: Kurma/ Fourth Avatar: Narasimha
Second Avatar: Kurma: upon casting Vishnu turns into a turtle and gains movement speed. Has reduced turning speed and gains increased protections while movement speed bonus persists. Colliding with an enemy or a wall causes an explosion that dmges and taunts enemies hit. Allies gain a shield and Vishnu gains block stacks based on the number of affected gods.

Fourth Avatar: Narasimha: Vishnu turns into a ferocious lion and I'm the direction he is facing roars loudly
This deals f and trembles in a cone in front of him. Lasts 1.5 sec. Any dmg received from this direction is negated and the enemy who hit the lion is feared. Can recast to end this ability early. When this ability ends the lion bites forwards dealing a % of missing hp dmg and the percentage scales with Vishnus protections.
Sixth Avatar: Parashurama/ Tenth Avatar: Kalki
Sixth Avatar: Parashurama: upon casting Vishnu pulls out the Vidyudhabhi and spins it around himself multiple times. Can move while spinning the axe but with reduced speed. Nearby enemies take constant dmg and if they stay in the spinning for 2 sec then their protections are reduced over time by the axe and Vishnu constantly gains protections and movement speed. Can spin for 5 sec. Recasting or waiting the full duration causes Vishnu to throw the axe in an arc. Upon landing it deals dmg and knocks up enemies then raises the ground it lands on. This lasts 3 sec. The dmg of the throw increases based on how many enemies had their protections reduced by the spin.

Tenth Avatar: Kalki: upon casting Vishnu pulls out the Nandaka sword and swipes forwards in an arc. A wave of energy is sent forth from the sword and any enemy hit is slowed and takes dmg. This applies a mark to enemies hit and if a combination of an allied god or himself uses 3 BAs on a marked enemy that enemy is stunned, has reduced healing, and for the next 3 sec their item effects are reduced by 15%. For 5 sec afterwards Vishnu's BAs become ranged and deal bonus dmg based on his protections. This buff is extended by 1.5 sec when a marked enemy is stunned.

Ultimate Abilities

Trivikrama: The Three Strides of Vishnu
Trivikrama: The Three Strides of Vishnu: upon casting this ability all of Vishnu's base abilities change. First Avatar becomes First Step: Earth. Second Avatar becomes Second Step: Hell. Sixth Avatar becomes Third Step: Heaven. This ability can be recast to cancel the selection. All casts affect a large circular area and cause Vishnu to summon a astral version of his foot slamming into the ground after a variable delay. After the ability is done casting Vishnu remains in the air for 2 sec. Waiting the full 2 sec returns Vishnu to his casting position. Using a BA while waiting causes him to land in the center of the ability. Finally, recasting this ability while waiting in the air causes Vishnu to land at the furthest opposite edge of the ability based on where he casted it.

First Step: Earth: any ally in the area when the foot lands is shielded a percentage of their missing hp and the percentage is based on Vishnu's max hp. Enemies hit are stunned and take dmg based on their total amount of protections.

Second Step: Hell: allies in the area gain power based on Vishnu's max hp and increased movement speed towards enemies with less then 40% hp. Enemies hit take a percentage of their missing hp based on Vishnu's max hp, are knocked up, and have reduced healing.

Third Step: Heaven: allies hit gain attack speed, movement speed, and are healed based on their missing hp. Enemies hit are slowed, have reduced attack speed, are crippled, and have a mark on them. When an ally hits an enemy with a mark on them it heals the ally and retains the buffs they got from Vishnu's ult at reduced strength. This also refreshes the slow and attack speed slow on enemies.

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