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Xtabay by ZingZang1235

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By: ZingZang1235
Last Updated: Feb 5, 2024
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The Cruel Beauty

Was once a beautiful human named Utz Colel who was praised for being celibate(women's roles were defined as housekeepers and interacting with men in certain ways were considered shameful by the Mayans). Another woman sometimes associates as Utz Colel's sister, Xkeban, was considered to be one such shameful woman however. She treated the poor and animals kindly while It's Colel was harsh to others. Eventually when Xkeban died her body gave off a pleasant smell and sprouted a new flower that represented her kindness. Utz Colel claimed that her body would smell even better in death because of her remaining true to mayan societies ideals. This was obviously not the case as her body gave off a foul smell and sprouted another new flower that represented her cruel nature. In death Utz Colel prayed to evil spirits to let her become a woman again in order to try and become a beautiful flower in death again. Her wish granted she became the demon Xtabay. Outwardly beautiful but on the inside was insidious and cruel.

Passive Ability

Celibate Demon
If Xtabay doesn't dmg an enemy within 5 sec she empowers herself to deal additional dmg to enemy gods for 3 sec after dmging them. Activating this effect also grants movement speed. Empowering herself also causes her to go invisible until taking or dealing dmg or cc.

Primary Abilities

Punishing Whip
In a thin line forwards cracks a thorny vine like a whip. This dmges and slows enemies hit by the whip. If an enemy is hit by the end of the whip they take bonus dmg, have their protections reduced, and are charmed instead. Gains movement speed if successfully charms an enemy god. Has a slightly longer cast animation but can be invisible if passive is active when this ability is cast.
Under foot
Dashes forwards a short distance and stops upon hitting an enemy god. Launches herself upwards stepping on the enemy god dealing dmg and landing away a certain distance. Enemy is stunned briefly when stepped on. Gains movement speed if this move doesn't hit an enemy god and has it's cooldown partially refunded. If used while invisible has longer dash distance and deals missing hp dmg instead.
Soft Spots
Upon casting empowers her next 4 BAs for 4 sec. All four have increased attack speed and range. First three deal increased dmg and ignore a percentage of an enemies protections. Fourth one can cleave, deals missing hp dmg, heals her based on a portion of the dmg dealt, and slows enemies hit.

Ultimate Abilities

Secluded Seduction
Upon casting in a wide line forwards dashes and slashes at any enemy near her. Any enemy under 40% max hp take bonus missing hp dmg as well. If an enemy is killed by this ability it can be cast again within 8 sec before going on cooldown. Killing an enemy with this ability or while it can be recast lowers the cooldown of her base abilities by 50%.

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