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Lamashtu by Ozanoku

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By: Ozanoku
Last Updated: Nov 8, 2023
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The Mother of Beasts and Mistress of Insanity


In the shadows of myth and terror, there looms a name that chills the blood and quickens the heartbeat—a name that invokes not only dread but a grim fascination with the darkness that resides at the fringes of human understanding. Lamashtu, the harrowing enchantress, her story etched in the darkest depths of legend, where heroes dare to tread only with trembling resolve.

Lamashtu, a being of unspeakable horror and primordial malevolence, emerged from the abyssal abyss, a product of the darkest nightmares and the chaos that dwells beyond mortal comprehension. With eyes like smoldering coals and a crown of serpents that hissed in a nightmarish symphony, she was a visage that could send even the most intrepid souls to the brink of madness. Her very presence was an affront to the natural order, an affront to the very concept of heroism.

In her hands, she grasped the eldritch powers of the cosmos, forces that shattered minds and razed civilizations to dust. She danced through the realms like a wraith, leaving behind a trail of torment and despair. Her laughter was a maddening cacophony, and her song, a haunting dirge that foretold nothing but doom.

Passive Ability

Decisive Attack
Lamashtu's basic attack speed is not affected by attack speed items you build. Lamashtu lands basic attacks at a slow fixed speed. Any attack speed item you build on Lamashtu converts to Physical Power instead. For each 0.02 attack speed you have, you gain 2 physical power.

Primary Abilities

Death Bound
Lamashtu creates a laser light beam that has a long range. This light beam bounces to closest target dealing damage to anyone hit. It persists as long as you keep attackting the first target with this ability. Anyone who gets hit for full duration is stunned. Every new target increases the duration of this ability.

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Merciless Mistress
Lamashtu enrages, Gaining bonus basic attack damage. Her basic attacks taunt enemies also hitting an enemy god with a basic attack makes you immune to basic attack movement penalty during this ability.

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Mystical Artifacts

Lamashtu places one of her artifacts to any wall or player made object. She can teleport to these artifacts by re-firing this ability. These artifacts deal damage to any target near them. These artifacts last until destroyed and 2 artifacts can be placed at once.

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Ultimate Abilities

Last Hope

Lamashtu turns into a beast. Her basic attacks becomes short ranged. Successfully landing 2 basic attacks executes enemies with less than %20 hp. During this ability Lamashtu gains movement speed and immunity to slows.

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Other Abilities

Health: 630 (+84)
Mana: 220 (+38)
Speed: 365 (+0)
Range: 55 (+0)

Damage: 50 (+ 2.6) + 100% of Physical Power
Progression: None

Physical: 15 (+3.2)
Magical: 30 (+1.6)

HP5: 8 (+0.67)
MP5: 4.4 (+0.35)


Lamashtu as a hunter is expected to play ADC role in Duo lane.


Situational Items


High single target damage
Very strong basic attacks
High kill potential


Low mobility
Low attack speed


Ultimate Form

Different Variations

Her Dagger Variations

Skin Ideas:

Wild Hunter Lamashtu Masquerade Ball Lamashtu Winter Hound Lamashtu Angelic Lamashtu


Lamashtu is a very unique hunter with a never seen mechanic. Despite having the slowest attack speed in game and not being able to increase it, she has the strongest basic attacks for sure. In late game she does astronomical crit numbers. She is a hard character to play since it is a hit or miss situation. It might be easy to dodge her since she has slow attack speed but once you are hit by it you will regret it. She uses a big dagger as her weapon. She simply throws the dagger to the enemy. In her lore she is a half human half beast creature. So I decided to visualize her as her most depicted wolf headed woman design.


"Lamashtu, I am the embodiment of darkness and misfortune, a relentless force that strikes fear into the hearts of mortals."


(1) Death Bound:
"My darkness feeds on your fear. Your defeat is inevitable!"
(2) Merciless Mistress
"Your resistance only fuels my power!"
(3) Mystical Artifacts
"Vessels of forgotten power and ancient secrets..."
(4)Last Hope
"The mightiest of gods tremble in my presence!!!"

Low Health:
"Even the darkness can find itself in times of uncertainty"
"Chaos I sow has turned against me..."
"Why did Gilgamesh bring a ladder to the temple? Because he knew the gods were always looking down on him!"





Directed Taunts
► Oh, Gilgamesh, the mighty hero of Uruk. You think you can conquer all, but can you protect the most vulnerable? ►
► Ishtar, the goddess of love and desire, you who think your charms can conquer all. But can you withstand the darkness and chaos I bring? ►
► Your chaos may shape the cosmos, but it is I who haunt the nightmares of gods and mortals alike. ►
► Nox, goddess of the night, in the realm of darkness, we find common ground. ►


Ancient Powers

Hit 5 enemy gods at the same time with DEATH BOUND


Execute 3 enemies with Last Hope ability.

Who is Lamashtu & Trivia

Lamashtu is a malevolent figure in ancient Mesopotamian mythology. She is often described as a demoness or malevolent goddess associated with various forms of harm, particularly harming pregnant women and infants. Lamashtu is believed to bring disease, nightmares, and misfortune to those she targets. She is typically depicted with various monstrous features, such as the head of a wolf, the body of a human, and the feet of a bird.
Lamashtu's depiction
Another depiction
of Lamashtu


This is my second entry for competition.
I primarily worked on my Izanagi concept you can check it here:
I wanted to make a second concept because I love sharing my ideas here and it was so much fun I couldn't stop myself. I chose Lamashtu because we don't have that many gods from Babylonian/Mesopotamian region and I thought it would be a great addition.

Sources :

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