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Moros by BananaHammer33

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By: BananaHammer33
Last Updated: Nov 8, 2023
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God of Doom

Born to Nyx, the primordial goddess of the night, Moros shared had a lot in common with his relatives. Thanatos, the God of Death and the Morai, also known as the Fates. These children all represent different aspects of one's fate, destiny, and death. Moros, the least known of the children, is perhaps the scariest of the bunch...

As the God of Doom, Moros's responsibility was to make sure that every being, mortal, and immortal alike, will inevitably reach their demise. He made sure that no one could escape their doom. Even Zeus, the almighty God of the Gods, dreaded Moros as he himself could not question destiny and death.

Many have tried to escape death and alter their fates, but Moros has always been present, lurking in the shadows, to make sure that destiny could not be changed. He would often turn invisible as he would stalk the next victims that were about to reach their doom. However, death was not an escape for these individuals as Moros found pleasure in torturing and tormenting those in the afterlife.

The mighty Achilles attempted to change his fate when his mother dipped him in the River Styx which granted him invulnerability across his entire body... Except for his heel. Moros followed him closely and when the time was right, he made sure that Achilles would answer for his doings. Those who try to defy Moros, spend eternities suffering and wishing they had just let their life play out normally.

It would be unwise to tempt fate, or even try to escape your destiny. One thing is for sure, everyone will reach their impending doom. Whether they see it coming or not, they cannot avoid it. And now, it is time for Moros to select his next victims. And no place has more death and destruction, than the Battleground of the Gods!

Thanks for visiting my God Concept for this year's Halloween contest! I always have a great time every year and it's so fun and challenging to come up with unique ideas that can fit within the world of Smite (and be fun and interesting)! Sorry if the ability art and art in general isn't the best, I'm not an artist myself so I had to get as creative as I could with my own drawings and finding/generating images on the internet. Happy Halloween and good luck to all other participants! I hope you enjoy this scary God concept and the unique designs and ideas behind it!

Feel free to leave any comments and/or suggestions and I will gladly respond! The concept will most likely be getting updated until the deadline for the contest so make sure to come back and check it out then!

(Abilities follow underneath the table of contents)
Table of Contents (click text to jump to):

Passive Ability

Fated Doom
Ability: Passive
Affects: Self

Moros continues to torment his enemies, even in their afterlife.

Anytime an enemy god, enemy brute minion, or jungle camp dies, a soul spawns in their location that lasts 10 seconds. Moros can consume this soul by walking over it to gain a stack of Fated Doom. Fated Doom allows for Moros's abilities to become enhanced, granting additional benefits. Using an enhanced ability consumes a stack of Fated Doom.

• The stacks last until they are consumed.

Maximum Stacks: 2

Primary Abilities

Piercing Daggers
Ability: Line, Damage, Stance Switch
Affects: Enemies, Self
Damage: Physical
Range: 60

Moros sacrifices his daggers to gain a new set of abilities.

Moros throws his daggers in a straight line, dealing damage to enemies while gaining access to new abilities in his unarmed stance. This ability passes through minions and stops on the first enemy god hit. If an enemy God is hit, the daggers attach to them, dealing a damage over time effect for 10 seconds and return to Moros after the duration. If the daggers miss an enemy God, they stay at their location until recalled back. On recall, the daggers deal damage on the path to Moros and return him to his daggers stance.

Enhanced: If Moros's daggers are in an enemy God, when the daggers return to Moros, enemies are pulled a short distance towards Moros.

• The enhanced version only gets activated if a stack of Fated Doom is present when the daggers get recalled.
• The pull range from the enhanced version is 30 units.
• Moros's daggers can be recalled back by re-activating this ability.
• The cooldown activates once the daggers have returned to Moros.
• Entering the fountain automatically recalls the daggers.

Initial Damage: 60/90/120/150/180 (+60% of your Physical Power)
Damage Over Time: 10/15/20/25/30 every 1s (+20% of your Physical Power)
Return Damage: 50/70/90/110/130 (+60% of your Physical Power)
Cost: 55 mana
Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 seconds

Impending Doom (Daggers)
Ability: Debuff, Cone, Damage
Affects: Enemies, Self
Damage: Physical
Range: 25

Moros inflicts pain on enemies and gives them a glimpse to their impending doom.

Moros swipes his daggers in front of him, damaging and applying a debuff to enemies. Enemies hit by this ability are deafened, lose vision of their map, disappear from their allies' map, and have their vision greyscaled.

Enhanced: Moros swipes an additional time, dealing 0.5x the damage of the initial hit and doubling the duration of the debuff.

• The size and shape of the second swipe is identical to the initial swipe.

Damage: 80/125/170/215/260 (+100% of your Physical Power)
Debuff Duration: 3/3.5/4/4.5/5s
Cost: 60/65/65/70/70 mana
Cooldown: 11/11/11/10/10 seconds

Death and Torment (Daggers)
Ability: Buff, Circle, Damage
Affects: Enemies, Self
Damage: Physical
Radius: 20

Moros enjoys turning invisible to stalk his next victims.

Moros turns invisible and leaves a pool of death and torment around him that deals damage. While invisible, Moros gains movement speed. When emerging from stealth, Moros leaves an additional pool of death and torment around him. The pools last for 3s.

Enhanced: Moros gains 1.5x the original movement speed and gains an attack speed buff that lasts 5 seconds after unstealthing.

• Dealing damage or getting damaged pulls you out of stealth.
• Deals up to 90/120/150/180/210 (+60% of your Physical Power) per pool.

Damage: 15/20/25/30/35 Every 0.5s (+10% of your Physical Power)
Stealth Duration: 4s
Movement Speed: 30%
Attack Speed: 30/35/40/45/50%
Cost: 70 mana
Cooldown: 14 seconds

Doom's Gaze (Unarmed)
Ability: Line, Damage, Debuff
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Physical
Range: 60

Moros gazes into his enemies souls, sending chills down their spines.

Moros pierces into his enemies, dealing damage and slowing enemies for 2 seconds.

Enhanced: Enemies are stunned for 1 second.

• This ability goes through minions and Gods.
• This ability goes through walls.

Damage: 80/130/180/230/280 (+85% of your Physical Power)
Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana
Slow: 20/20/25/25/30%
Cooldown: 9 seconds

Doomport (Unarmed)
Ability: Teleport, Circle, Damage
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Physical
Radius: 25, 20

Moros travels back and reclaims his daggers, causing devastation for those nearby.

Upon activation, Moros will instantly teleport to the location of his daggers and launch himself into the sky, dealing damage to anyone around him and knocking them up. He then crashes back down, dealing additional damage. He also returns back to his daggers stance automatically.

Enhanced: Moros gains crowd control immunity while casting this ability and the second hit will also knockup enemies.

• If his daggers are attached to an enemy God, he will teleport directly on them.
• There is no range limit to this ability.

Initial Damage: 65/85/105/125/145 (+70% of your Physical Power)
Landing Damage: 80/120/160/200/230 (+100% of your Physical Power)
Cost: 70 mana
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Ultimate Abilities

Doomed to Fall
Ability: Movement, Damage, Debuff
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Physical

Moros strips away at his enemies, stealing a part of them for his own gains.

Moros is able to select one of three different movement ultimate abilities. Moros is crowd control immune during the casting of all abilities. If Moros hits an enemy God, he will mark that God and depending on the variation used, Moros will steal an ability from his enemy. The stolen ability will be available for Moros to use in his ultimate ability slot. He can only use it once and once it is used, then the ultimate will begin its cooldown. If a marked enemy uses their stolen ability, it will not activate and they will instead get feared for 2 seconds. There is no enhanced version for this ability but activating it grants max stacks for Fated Doom.

• The cooldown and mana cost for all variations are the same.
• All variations share the same cooldown (using any variation puts the whole ability on cooldown).
• Moros can cancel the ability selection without triggering its cooldown.
• There is no time limit for how long Moros can keep a stolen ability.
• Moros will lose the stolen ability on death.
• If an enemy gets feared by using their stolen ability, it does not go on cooldown.
• The stolen ability will not cost any mana to use.

Mark Duration: 10s
Cost: 0 mana
Cooldown: 0 seconds

Leap of Doom
Ability: Leap, Damage
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Physical
Range/Radius: 50/20

Moros leaps onto his enemies, causing chaos.

This ability will steal the enemy's first ability. Moros leaps to the target area, dealing damage, applying a debuff, and stealing an enemy God's ability.

• This ability can hit many Gods, but the stealing effect occurs on the God closest to the center of this ability.

Damage: 150/200/250/300/350 (+120% of your Physical Power)
Cost: 100 mana
Cooldown: 90/90/85/85/80 seconds

Dash of Doom
Ability: Dash, Damage
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Physical
Range: 55

Moros dashes through his enemies, causing them to panic.

This ability will steal the enemy's second ability. Moros dashes in a straight line, dealing damage, applying a debuff, and stealing an enemy God's ability.

• This ability goes through enemy Gods, but the stealing effect occurs on the first God hit.

Damage: 130/180/230/280/330 (+110% of your Physical Power)
Cost: 100 mana
Cooldown: 90/90/85/85/80 seconds

Teleport of Doom
Ability: Teleport, Damage
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Physical
Range/Radius: 45/15

Moros teleports onto enemies and disorients them.

This ability will steal the enemy's third ability. Moros teleports to the target area, dealing damage, applying a debuff, and stealing an enemy God's ability.

• This ability can hit many Gods, but the stealing effect occurs on the God closest to the center of this ability.

Damage: 130/180/230/280/330 (+100% of your Physical Power)
Cost: 100 mana
Cooldown: 90/90/85/85/80 seconds

Who is Moros?

So who is Moros? Moros is the Greek God of Doom, but is also stated to be the personification of Doom. Born to the Goddess and personification of the night Nyx (the Greek counterpart to Nox). Some Greeks believed his father to be Erebus, the personification of darkness, while others believe that Nyx simply bore all of her children herself. Some of his siblings include the Fates, Thanatos, and the Keres. The latter two being death spirits. Overall, the children represented similar ideas in Greek mythology. However, of all his siblings, and perhaps all Gods and Goddesses, Moros can potentially be seen as the most powerful one. As the God of Doom, it was his responsibility to make sure that everyone would reach their impending doom and that no one escapes or alters their fate. It was Moros who made sure that Achilles's met his demise, even though he tried to escape it with with the powers granted to him from the River Styx.

Achilles isn't the only one who was doomed to fall by Moros's hands. Even the almighty Zeus himself dreaded Moros because he could not alter the destiny or fates of himself or others as he knew that Moros's abilities would overpower anything he was capable of. People saw him as omnipotent and omnipresent.

Although he may be a lesser known deity, he is in my opinion, the most terrifying one because of his abilities and his never-ending will to bring Doom to his next victims. He might not be mentioned in many stories in mythology, but he is always present, watching over ever moment, and delivering his Doom at the right moments. Anytime someone reaches their demise, it was Moros who brought them there and made sure that their fate was not altered.

My Vision

Ever since last year's contest ended, I spent a long time thinking about and researching who a potential next God would be for the competition. Throughout my research, I came across many interesting beings, some more well known than others, but when I found Moros, something just clicked. He is a lesser known deity which intrigues me as a mythology fan because I love learning about new beings and the stories that come with them. However, Moros didn't have many direct stories written about him, he was more of a being that was present in all stories, lurking in the shadows. He also has so much potential to be a terrifying creation as he represents the impending and inescapable doom that reaches everyone, even the Gods. This, combined with the fact that he enjoys tormenting souls in the afterlife as well, makes him the perfect candidate for a Halloween creation as he is perhaps the scariest of all beings.

For Moros's physical look, I visualized him as a very creepy being that just by looking at him, you would feel a sort of uneasiness. I experimented with different designs but ultimately, went forward with the one seen below. Having a skull-like head was always my view as it represents the death part of Moros and signifies that he isn't really full of life, but rather is consumed by the death and doom he brings to others. The hand replacing his foot adds to his overall creepiness and is unsettling which is exactly the kind of vibe I was going for. The branches sticking out of/emerging from his head, along with the roots across his body give him a look that is unnatural and usually symbolic of darker themes which add to his uneasiness. Moros is supposed to be terrifying and ominous so these small physical attributes aid to achieve that. I also wanted him to have minimal armor as he doesn't represent physical strength, but rather a magical power that cannot be challenged. His color scheme is also simple and a yellow green-ish tint that is uneasy to the eyes as it resembles a lifeless corpse, which is perfect for Moros as it just adds more to his scare factor.

I wanted a way to distinguish his two stances that was subtle enough to notice the difference, but not too large to completely change his overall look and movements. That's when I came up with the idea to have one stance wield a weapon, and have the other one be an unarmed stance where he can use his abilities more directly. For his weapon, I wanted something smaller because a large weapon didn't really fit with his theme. I narrowed it down to a sword or daggers but I feel like daggers are better because they make his abilities more coherent, and make him seem like more of an assassin. Both in Smite terms, and in terms of his lore of being the bringer of doom that essentially assassinates those that are fated to reach their end.

As for Moros's abilities and playstyle, the main uniqueness of his kit comes from his ultimate. There are other unique aspects to him such as how his stance switch interacts when it hits enemies and when it doesn't, but the primary focus was on his ultimate. Coming up with this ability was very fun because I always thought it would be incredible to have a God be able to steal an ability from an enemy. The closest thing we have to this is The Morrigan's ultimate, Changeling, however she just turns into the enemy God. The main theme I was aiming for with his kit is to slowly strip away at his enemies until they reach their inevitable demise, and his ultimate is a big part of this theme. The idea is that he steals a part of his enemies and curses them so if they try to use it, they get negatively affected. This theme of striping away at his enemies is also present in other abilities. His second ability in his Daggers Stance, Impending Doom, strips away at his enemy's senses and gives them a glimpse into their future demise which strips away at their mental state. His second ability in his Unarmed Stance, Doom's Gaze, slows his enemies and can stun them, slowly striping away their ability to move and outrun him (AKA outun their doom). His first ability and stance switch, Piercing Daggers, pulls them closer towards him symbolizing that they are approaching their doom. As for the functionality of his abilities, I wanted his stance switch to be unique and not a simple swap between two stances. He also has a decent amount of movement, so I tried to reduce some of his damage and crowd control, and limit his ability to abuse his movement (such as teleporting across the map). Finally, creating a new type of crowd control that alters enemies vision, as well as hiding them from the map is something unique that I believe can make a large impact in the game and be a fun tool to use.

Overall, I wanted to create something unique that would also be new to Smite and would enhance the gameplay experience and expand on the mechanics of the game. I also wanted to focus on the creepiness and uneasiness that this character would bring and the fear that he would instill in others. I also aimed to create his abilities in a way that would be feasible within Smite and would fit in the world that has been built, all while being fresh and unique, and of course terrifying to fit the Halloween theme. I believe that I achieved this and I am proud of what I created and can't wait to share it with all of you! And maybe see some similar mechanics make their way into the Battleground of the Gods in the future!

Visual Look/Animations

Physical Appearance:

General Look: A good representation of what Moros would look like is in the image below. Overall, he would be a terrifying and ominous being. Just looking at him would instill fear in others. He would have a skull-like head to represent the death part of him, along with some horns coming out of his head. In the image there are some branches and tree like parts attached to his body and some of those would be present as well, as it adds to his overall creepiness. He wouldn't have much armor as he doesn't really have a use for it and as an assassin, they are generally more nimble than other roles. He has a pendant that wraps around his neck that glows when using certain abilities, such as his Ultimate, Doomed to Fall. To add more to his frightfulness, he can seem a bit deformed/odd. In the below image, we can see that his foot seems more like a hand which is generally creepy, and his robe covers his other leg and lower half which adds to the uneasiness that this being brings. As for colors, he will not be a flashy God, he represents a very dark theme and as such, his colors will reflect that. He will be light yellow-ish green tint with some color variety on his clothes/armor. This dull color look adds to his creepiness and makes him more ominous.

Daggers Stance: In his Daggers Stance, Moros will wield a dagger in each hand of average length, around the same size as Loki's daggers. He will be slightly hunched over and and will wield the daggers in front of him so that the blades are pointing outwards (they're coming out the bottom of his fist and not the top).

Unarmed Stance: In his Unarmed Stance, Moros will seem more magical as those are the powers he is currently using. He will stand up straighter than when he is in Daggers Stance, and the pendant on his chest will glow to a purple tint, indicating which stance he is in. His hands will also glow as he will now use them for his basic attacks.

Ability Appearance:

Basic Attacks: In both stances, his auto attack chain will be 1/1/1.5x damage. This means his first 2 basic attacks will come out at the same speed and do the same damage, while the third does a bit more damage and takes some more time to come out. While in his Daggers Stance, for the first two hits of his chain, he will swing with each dagger one at a time from outwards to inwards, then for the larger hit, he will use both daggers and stab downwards from above. While in his Unarmed Stance, for the first two hits, he will push each hand out and a burst of energy will come out and for the larger hit, he will charge up both hands together (slowly moving them towards him), and then push out with both of them, releasing a larger burst of energy.

Fated Doom (Passive): For the Passive, the soul that spawns on fallen enemies will be a small circle, with a radius of 7.5, and in the center there would be a soul like figure of whatever died. It would be halfway into the ground to represent that it is going to the Underworld, and to also not block too much vision. They might look similar to the souls from Cerberus's third ability, Soul Expulsion. When he has stacks of his passive, everyone will be able to see a small orb (or two depending on his stacks) floating around his body, similar to how jungle buffs are but less obstructive. This makes it so that if enemies pay attention, they can notice how many stacks he has and play around it and also the animation isn't intrusive so it doesn't take away from your vision or gameplay.

Piercing Daggers (Ability 1): For this ability, Moros will slight swing his arms back and propel them forward, releasing his daggers in front of him. The daggers will grow in size to fill out the entire width of the hitbox (not as large as the below image, it's just there for a visual representation of the travel path). When the daggers reach the end of their casting length, they will simply fall to the ground and remain stuck in there because the blades will be in the ground and the handles will be sticking up. If they hit an enemy God, they will appear stuck in the God's back, similar to how they would appear on the ground. When calling them back, they would simply fly back into his hands which he will reach out and when grabbing them, will jerk his arms back to absorb the speed they are coming at.

Impending Doom (Daggers 2): Moros will use both daggers to slash in front of him. He will extend both arms outwards, and quickly bring them inwards, crossing his arms at the full extension. The ability cone itself would show two large blades extending from Moros's daggers. If he is enhanced, after performing the first slash, he will rotate his arms so that the bottom of them face upwards, and will slash outwards from his ending position of the first slash. The ability itself would have a similar animation, the difference being that the blades will go from the center to the outside of the cone on the second hit.

Death and Torment (Daggers 3): Moros will vanish and leave a small puff of smoke. While invisible, will hunch over slightly more, and will bring his arms and daggers a little bit close to himself and each other. The pool that he leaves behind will have a dark blue-ish tint and would look slightly similar to Anubis's third ability, Grasping Hands (minus the arms reaching out), and would have little souls releasing from it. The below image shows what the souls could potentially look like.

Doom's Gaze (Unarmed 2): Moros will move his head back slightly, and then jerk it forwards. His eyes will glow purple (similar to the color of the ability outline) and a beam of purple light will instantly emerge and cover the area of the ability.

Doomport (Unarmed 3): Moros will bring his arms into his chest and cross them. While doing this action, he will disappear downwards into the ground. Once full submerged in the ground, he will teleport to the location of his daggers and begin emerging. As he emerges, he will be holding his daggers and will swing his arms in an arc (his right arm will begin from the left side and arc to the right and his left arm will do the opposite). Once this animation is complete and he is airborne, he will charge back his right arm and then extend it forwards and charge into the ground for the second part of the ability. For the targeter circles, when Moros emerges from the ground, pieces of the ground will shoot upwards with him and a some purple effects will surround him. During his descent, the effects surround him will remain and when he crashes down, the circle targeter will explode with purple smoke and effects.

Doomed to Fall (Ultimate): Similar to how Tiamat's flying stance ultimate, Children of Creation, when Moros toggles this ability, his daggers will disappear and he will open his arms outwards, and open his palms that will face upwards. He will begin to float and his eyes and palms will begin to glow with a green tint to them, similar to the tint of his first ability, Piercing Daggers. His head will periodically and instantly tilt side to side, similar to how demons are portrayed in films when they possess individuals. If Moros successfully steals an ability from an enemy and uses it, a ghostlike apparition of the God performing the ability will play and Moros will vanish as the animation plays. The actual ability will show up regularly, only the God part of the animation will be ghost-like. As for the God who got their ability stolen, they will only see a vision of Moros's head fade in and out in the center of their screen.

Leap of Doom (Ultimate 1): From the Doomed to Fall animation, Moros will leap upwards and forwards, summoning his daggers into his hands. He will grip his daggers as they form and they will glow the same green tint as his hands and eyes. He will raise his arms up and above his hand, preparing to stab downwards. When he lands, he will stab the ground and an explosion-like effect will fill the circle targeter.

Dash of Doom (Ultimate 2): From the Doomed to Fall animation, Moros will summon his daggers into his hands and quickly dash forwards. During the dash, Moros will cross his daggers in front of him, slicing anyone he passes through. Similar to Leap of Doom, his daggers will glow and the effect of the dash will leave a temporary but short trail of green particles.

Teleport of Doom (Ultimate 3): From the Doomed to Fall animation, Moros will summon his daggers into his hands and quickly cross his arms in front of his body. When he emerges at his teleported location, he will quickly extend his arms upwards and forwards, slashing the air and engulfing the area around him in a fog of green particle effects. Similar to Leap of Doom, his daggers will also glow during the animation.


Death: If Moros is in his Daggers Stance, he will drop his daggers, one at a time first. If he is in his Unarmed Stance, he will simply drop his arms to his side. The following animation will continue the same regardless of stance. Moros will slowly solidify to stone, starting from his body and quickly reaching his head. Once fully stone-ified, he will begin to crack and disintegrate into grains that scatter on the ground and slowly fade into soul like effects that travel upwards and fade away. The souls would look similar to those from his ability Death and Torment.

Recall: Regardless of stance, the same animation will play. Moros will begin by opening his right arm outwards at a downwards angle, then do the same with his left arm. He will then look straight up and begin to shake. Once the duration of the recall completes and he successfully teleports, he will close his arms inwards as a puff of smoke surrounds him. During the animation, his hands and daggers will glow green when he extends them outwards and when he looks up, his eyes will begin to glow the same color as well.

God Selection: When selecting Moros, a random God will appear and begin their God selection animation. After a second of their animation, Moros will slice through them from behind, causing them to vanish and will take their place. He will then spin one of his daggers in a taunting way for a second. Afterwards, he will return to his default stance, holding his daggers, and having his daggers, hands, and eyes glowing.

Introduction In Game: Moros will slowly walk forward and raise one arm after the other. He will be unarmed and when he raises each hand, he will be holding a skull in each which he will crush simultaneously while quickly lowering his hands and arms down to his default stance. When his palms close and crush the skulls, his daggers will appear in his hands as he reaches his default stance.

Jump: A simple jump that slightly changes depending on which stance Moros is in. If he is wielding his daggers, he will throw them in the air and they will spin and land back in his hands when he lands on the ground. If he is unarmed, he will simple raise his hands slightly. His arms will move the same way in either stance, but when wielding his daggers, he will do the little trick. When he lands, the ground beneath him will turn dark temporarily.

Wave: Moros will slightly tilt his head to the left and slowly raise his arm and creepily wave his hand back and forth.

Clap: If Moros is wielding his daggers, he will sharpen them with each other 3 times, each time a metallic sharpening noise will be heard. If unarmed, he will very slowly clap 3 times. He will have an uneasy look to him and his body while clapping in both stances.

Idle: After remaining idle for too long, Moros will slowly turn around and then stare towards the user playing the character. He will slightly tilt his head and endlessly gaze until he is no longer idle. This is supposed to be a creepy animation and the first interaction (as far as I know) where a God's animation interacts directly with the player controlling them. Could he be threatening them from within the game itself? Does his doom reach that far? Who knows...

Walk: While Moros walks, he will move simply and with purpose. His walking animation would be slower than average to give an ominous feeling to it. As he walks, his head will randomly tilt, similar to how it does during the casting of his ultimate, Doomed to Fall, but less frequently. His upper body won't move much and his arms would naturally flow with the rest of his body while walking. This stiffness adds to his overall creepiness and makes him seem much less humanlike and more threatening.

Special: Moros will conjure up a throne of bones and skulls by raising both of his hands. He will then sit on the throne and gaze creepily into the distance, tapping the fingers of his left hand from pinky to index on the arm rest (made up of a skull). You can move while using this emote and it leaves a temporary trail of bones in back of it. This emote symbolizes how everyone reaches their impending doom and Moros is singling out an enemy when he uses this emote and looks at them.

Build and Playstyle

Building with Moros can go in a few different directions due to the flexibility of his kit and playstyles.

A classic assassin build with Bumba's Dagger as starter:

A classic assassin build with Eye Of The Jungle as starter:

A classic assassin build with Bluestone Pendant as starter:

A classic assassin build with Manikin Scepter as starter:

An auto attack focused build:

A meta jungler build:

A solo/bruiser build:


As a jungler build:
(2, 4, 1, 3) OR (4, 2, 1, 3)
As a jungler, your primary focus is to be able to clear camps effectively and efficiently, and to have strong ganking potential. You'll want to focus on upgrading your 2nd ability first as it provides you with the greatest clear potential and does the most overall damage (in both stances). Next, get your 1st ability so that you can get more damage and access to your other stance. Finally, upgrading your 3rd ability grants you access to additional damage and your movement abilities. From here, you can prioritize your 2nd ability for more overall damage, or focus on your ultimate if you believe it will benefit you more. Next, focus on your 1st ability for more damage and a shorter cooldown to your stance switch. Finally, you'll end with your 3rd ability as its damage is not worth upgrading it before the other ones first.

As a regular assassin build:
(4, 2, 1, 3)
For a regular assassin build, you can go the same route as the above description for a regular jungler build by getting your 2nd ability first, then your 1st ability, and then your 3rd ability at level 3. Afterwards, focusing your upgrades on your ultimate -> 2nd ability -> 1st ability -> 3rd ability.

As an auto-attack focused build:
(2, 3, 1, 4)
As mentioned previously, auto-attack builds aren't as strong as ability focused builds for Moros, but he can still flex into this role if he wants. For the first three levels, you can go the same route with your 2nd ability -> 1st ability -> 3rd ability. Alternatively, you can get your 3rd ability second if you think you need your escape option sooner. Afterwards, prioritize your 2nd ability as it is still your strongest tool for damage and will help in the early game, as well as late game. Next, focus on your 3rd ability as it'll allow you to get in and do damage quicker and easier, as well as increase the attack speed buff you receive from the enhanced version. Then, you can upgrade your 1st ability as getting a shorter cooldown on your stance switch is very beneficial. Finally, you can end with your ultimate as its benefits are outweighed by the other abilities.

As a bruiser assassin/jungle build:
(2, 4, 1, 3)
For a bruiser build, in either the jungle or not, you'll want to start your first three levels with your 2nd ability -> 1st ability -> 3rd ability. After this, prioritizing your 2nd ability is the best option as it will allow you to deal more damage consistently and allow you to proc your item passives such as those from Bluestone Pendant and Gladiator's Shield. Next, your ultimate will allow you to get more damage for engagements and greater diving potential with more damage and lower cooldown. After, you should focus on your 1st ability and then finally your 3rd ability for similar reasons stated above. Those being that your stance switch cooldown is more important than the increase in damage/buffs from your 3rd ability as it will increase your overall damage output.

As a solo lane build:
(2, 1, 4, 3) OR (2, 1, 3, 4)
For a solo lane build, the upgrading is very similar to the above one for the bruiser build, except you can move the focus off of your ultimate and put it towards your other abilities. The first three levels will be the same with your 2nd ability -> 1st ability -> 3rd ability. This order will allow you to keep your lane clear up in the early game and give you some escape options if needed. After, focusing on your 2nd ability will grant you the most lane pressure and clear potential. Furthermore, your 1st ability will grant more of this pressure with more damage and shorter stance switch cooldown. Finally, you can choose between your ultimate or 3rd ability depending on if you want more damage and less cooldown on your ultimate, or more damage and buffs from your 3rd ability. I believe that the former is a better option, but both are viable.

Overall, for your first level you will always want to get your 2nd ability for the best damage and clearing ability. If you want to be more safe, you can get your 3rd ability next for an escape option, however I believe that your 1st ability gives more value with more damage and an extra ability that has crowd control as well. From then on, your 2nd ability is usually the priority for more damage. Then, depending on if you're looking for more overall damage and stance switches (1st ability), stronger buffs and more movement capabilities (3rd ability), or a stronger and more frequent ultimate (ultimate), you can focus on the respective abilities in the brackets.


Moros's playstyle can vary a lot from player to player and in between different roles and builds. Here, I will be discussing some unique techniques and tricks you can do with him, some gameplay scenarios, his overall playstyle, his unique elements and features, and some of his pros and cons.

Starting off with a common technique is auto-attack cancelling. This isn't unique to any god, in fact, every god can use this technique. It's a technique where you use your auto-attacks in between the casting of each ability. By doing this, on most gods and abilities you can essentially cancel the ending animation of abilities and auto-attacks with each other. This allows you to output more damage in a smaller amount of time. This is especially strong when built with Hydra's Lament and/or Bumba's Hammer as you can keep proccing the passive of that item, an item that Moros should always have in his core builds.

Another trick comes with Moros's passive, Fated Doom. Overall, it is straightforward, but you can do some pretty interesting things with it. For starters, you gain stacks on Gods, but also enemy brute minions and jungle camps. You can use this to your advantage by saving your abilities to clear wave, until you have killed the brute minion in the wave. If you do this, you will clear the wave with more ease, or will be able to deal more damage to an enemy God. Similarly, if you would like to save stacks, you can make sure to try and clear jungle camps with just basic attacks. If you enjoy doing this, then
Golden Gooseberries and/or Golden Blade will be very strong items in your build.

When it comes to your 1st ability and stance switch, Piercing Daggers, there are many techniques you can do to aid you in your games. The first one is knowing how to effectively trigger your passive with this ability. With the enhanced version, Piercing Daggers will pull an enemy God towards you if your daggers are stuck in them. It's important to note that this will only happen if you have stacks of Fated Doom when the retrieval of daggers occurs (AKA when you switch back to your other stance). The best way to maximize this would be to switch stances when you have 2 stacks of your passive as this will allow you to use the enhanced version of your 2nd ability, Doom's Gaze, which applies a stun, and then re-activate your stance switch to pull enemies closer while they are stunned or while they are trying to get away. If you only have 1 stack, you can try to kill a brute minion to get the additional stack as well. Alternatively, you can use your 3rd ability, Doomport to switch back to your original stance, apply some crowd control, and engage on the enemy. If you have a stack available for this ability, you will also get a secondary knockup, as well as some crowd control immunity while casting it. Overall, it's important to know when to switch between stances and which ability to use in order to switch between them. It's also important to manage your passive stacks efficiently to gain the maximum benefits from them.

For your third ability, Death and Torment, it can be used very aggressively, passively, or to stalk your opponents and wait for the right moment. As with many stealth abilities, you can activate it while hidden in order to quickly reach an enemy and take them by surprise. Alternatively, you can approach them in a different way (by blinking, using another ability, running up to them) in order to be more aggressive with the ability. The pools of damage that get left behind can deal significant damage if they are stacked on top of each other. Remember that when you enter stealth AND when you exit stealth, a pool will form, meaning that if you stealth right on top of an enemy and attack instantly afterwards, there will be two pools that formed. If the target is crowd controlled or doesn't have good movement options, the damage can quickly stack and become devastating. Furthermore, you can try to quickly switch stance and activate Doomport to knockup your enemies and keep them within the pools for a longer duration.

Finally, you can utilize the infinite duration of your stance switch ability while in your Unarmed Stance to your advantage. As long as your daggers aren't attached to an enemy God, they will remain on the battlefield and you will remain in this stance. Granted, you technically only have one ability that won't bring you to your other stance, but you can utilize Doom's Gaze many times before you switch for easy poke and crowd control. It has a 9 second cooldown, reducing to 7.2 seconds with 20% cooldown and 5.4 seconds with 40% cooldown. This means that you can constantly poke enemies and clear waves efficiently. By playing like this, it allows you to utilize your third ability Doom Port, aggressively or hyper defensively. If you engage with it, you will be in your stance that deals more damage (Daggers Stance) and by the time you finish using your abilities and deal some basic attacks, your stance switch will be back for you to utilize. Generally, you would want to remain in Daggers Stance as it is more reliable to start dealing damage in that stance, chase an enemy, escape, etc. However, utilizing this method, you can constantly poke enemies and minions and have a free get out of jail card to teleport to wherever you left your daggers. Technically when you leave the fountain, you can place your daggers there and go back to lane but the balance in this is that you only have one ability which will put you at a disadvantage while laning. It's a very unique feature and it's exciting to think of all the possibilities with it!

For relics and consumables, Moros benefits from the same ones as most other assassins do. Purification Beads and Aegis Amulet are great defensive options that will save your life many times. You can also go for Blink Rune for a more aggressive playstyle, or even an alternate getaway tool. If you are playing in the solo lane, you can also get Teleport Fragment if you want a reliable way to return to lane. Overall, I would say Purification Beads and Blink Rune is the best combo. For consumables, you should always purchase at least one Healing Potion, and preferably two Mana Potions. Since Moros is a stance switcher and has many abilities, he will consume more mana than the average God and thus, he will need more of those potions.

Example game scenario 1 (As a jungler, getting ready to gank a lane):
You are playing Moros in the jungle role of a Conquest game. You clear your Speed Buff Camp and move on to the Damage Buff. You have a stack of your passive, Fated Doom, so you clear the Damage Buff Camp with just your basic attacks. After acquiring your second stack, you notice that the enemy mid laner, Agni, is pushed up quite far. You use your 3rd ability, Death and Torment, and consume a stack to gain increased movement speed to sneak up to the enemy. You surprise them and hit them with an auto-attack to activate Hydra's Lament. You throw out your 1st ability, Piercing Daggers, to damage him and change stance. He quickly uses his 3rd ability, Path of Flames, and dashes away as he gets damaged. At this point, you know he will try to stun you with his 1st ability, Noxious Fumes, so you consume your last stack of your passive and activate your third ability, Doomport. Consuming the stack grants you crowd control immunity while in the animation meaning you knock him up, he tries to stun you but is unsuccessful, and then you land and knock him up again. You then auto-attack cancel into your 2nd ability, Impending Doom which ends up killing him. You make sure to pick up his soul to gain stacks for your passive and you move on back into the jungle.

Example game scenario 2 (Engaging in a 1v1 that turns into a 1v2 against you):
You see an enemy Yu Huang all alone fighting minions so you decide to engage them. With one stack of your passive, Fated Doom, you blink on your enemy and activate your 3rd ability, Death and Torment, and instantly auto attack cancel out of it to create two pools underneath your enemy. He uses his 3rd ability, Celestial Flight to get away but you continue your chase. As he falls, you use your 1st ability, Piercing Daggers, to place your daggers ahead of him so that when he lands, you can use your 3rd ability,Doomport. As you teleport in and knock him up, an enemy Ymir shows up. Knowing he will try to stun you with his 3rd ability, Frost Breath, you quickly use the third variation of your ultimate, Teleport of Doom, to instantly teleport towards him and steal the ability. You successfully hit him and as he tries to stun you, he gets feared away which gives you enough time to use this stun on Yu Huang and finish him off with some auto-attack cancels into your 2nd ability, Impending Doom. Ymir is no longer feared so he continues chasing you, but you use your 3rd ability, Death and Torment, to swiftly and stealthily get away.

Overall, Moros's playstyle is very flexible and depending on the player, they can play him in different ways. From builds to upgrade paths, there is a lot of variety that players can experiment with. In my opinion, there are obvious stronger ones, but that doesn't stop people from playing extremely well with different ideas and builds. He can be quite aggressive with so many movement options, but can also easily be punished if he doesn't utilize his stance switch well, or keep track of his cooldowns. His abilities also do relatively less damage than other characters to make up for his large pool of abilities, strong movement options, and decent crowd control effects. His ultimate can change the shape of a team fight or even a 1v1 fight as it not only grants you an extra ability, it denies the enemy from using that ability and punishes them if they try to. Moros plays best in the jungle, but can flex to solo if needed, and even in mid if played well. He can be a menace in both the early game, and late game, but can easily fall behind if he is not played well, similar to Thanatos (ironic considering they're brothers). In the end, his playstyle can vary from player to player and there are many little tricks and techniques that players can use to their advantage to enhance their playstyle. I believe his skill ceiling is quite high with so many abilities and his passive to manage, but he is still a relatively strong God.

Unique Ultimate Interactions:
With such a unique ultimate that steals an enemy's ability, there comes a lot of complications when looking at the large variety of abilities in Smite. Here, I will discuss certain interactions with abilities to make all interactions more clear how they would work. For regular abilities that simply deal damage, spawn a pet, place a player-made wall, movement, etc., they will function as normal. Buffs will also affect Moros normally, such as movement speed buffs like Kukulkan's 2nd ability, Slipstream. Buffs that will uniquely affect Moros include those that give Magical Power and Magical Lifesteal as they differ from Physical Power and Physical Lifesteal. Stolen Magical Power will be halved and converted to Physical Power and stolen Magical Lifesteal will be multiplied by 1.5x and converted to Physical Lifesteal and work on basic attacks and abilities. Abilities such as stance switches like Tyr's 3rd ability, Change Stance, will interact differently. Once stolen, the ability will not be usable to Moros and his ultimate will instantly go on cooldown. However, the enemy will still be marked and if they attempt to use that ability within the 10 seconds, they will be feared. While this may seem useless, it can be quite powerful in the right hands. You might not gain an extra ability, but you can deny an enemy the ability to change stance (or use a game-changing ability) for a few seconds and punish them if they try to do it early. For abilities that usually interact with their respective God, such as Raijin's 2nd ability, Raiju will not be able to activate their alternate parts if they require the specific God for it. In this case, Raiju needs an ability or basic attack from Raijin to activate the chain effect and bonus damage so it would be impossible to proc these secondary effects. However, the initial damage, slow, and tracking on minimap still function. Another example is Aphrodite's 1st ability, Kiss. If you kiss an enemy, they will get damaged and stunned, but if you kiss an ally, nothing will happen as the link won't stay. Overall, for abilities that require the God to be present to interact with them (such as stance switches, linking to allies, abilities relying on each other, etc.), they will either not be usable and the ultimate will go on cooldown instantly or they can be used but not to their full extent.

Unique Gameplay Elements/Features:
• Never seen before ultimate that steals an enemy's ability and curses them if they use it
• Unique stance switching ability that has many ways to activate the stance switch
• Many movement options that allow for very aggressive play
• A new crowd control effect and interaction that removes a God from the mini map
• Every ability in both stances having an enhanced/alternate version
• Unique ability animations and ideas

Pros Cons
High Mobility Hard to Use
High Single Target Damage High Mana Usage

Voicelines And Interactions

Moros's voice will be an ominous and scary voice, after all he represents Doom. He would have a relatively deep ghost-like voice, and he would talk very clearly and articulately. He speaks a bit slower than normal which adds to his creepiness and the uneasiness of his character. His voice would also have a slight echo to it which adds to the overall creepy and scary theme.

God Selection:

"No one can escape their doom!"
"You are all doomed to fall!"
"So many beings, clueless to the doom that approaches them..."

Piercing Daggers (1):
"Your suffering has only begun!"

Piercing Daggers (1 daggers returning):
"Bring them to me!"
"Come back here!"

Impending Doom (2 Daggers):
"Your end is near."
"Your future awaits."

Death and Torment (3 Daggers):
"See you soon!"
"You will suffer!"

Doom's Gaze (2 Unarmed):
"Fear me!"
"Gaze into the darkness!"

Doomport (3 Unarmed):
"Doom has arrived!"

Doomed to Fall (Ultimate, all variations):
"You're mine!"
"I'll be taking that!"
"You won't be needing this!"
"You're next!"

Buying Offensive Item:
"They will perish!"
"This will do."

Buying Defensive Item:
"For those who fight back!"
"I will be unstoppable!"

Placing Wards:
"I see all."
"They won't see their doom coming!"

Buying Consumables:
"To replenish my strength."
"Bringing doom to many can be tiring, this will aid me."

When in a Killstreak:
"Doom doesn't rest."
"Even the Gods will fall."
"Immortality can't stop me!"
"Another one bites the dust."

When Killing a Jungle Boss:
"The bigger they are, the harder they fall!"
"Big or small, they will all reach their doom!"

When Destroying a Tower:
"You think a building can stop me?"
"Crumbled to pieces!"

When Destroying a Phoenix:
"Your death might be temporary, but that won't last forever!"
"Cut off its wings and it has nowhere to go!"

Low Health:
"You thought doom could fall?"
"Even Doom needs a break sometimes."
"Today is not the end!"

"Death... cannot... stop me..."
"Even I could not escape my doom..."
"Everyone reaches their inevitable doom at some point..."
"The afterlife is not the end..."

[VEG] I'm The Greatest: "I am inevitable!"
[VEA] Awesome!: "Doomful!"
[VER] You rock!: "Maybe I won't take you next."
[VEW] Woohoo!: "Dreadful!"
[VVGR] No problem.: "Not an issue."
[VVGO] Oops!: "Was it not fate?"
[VVGT] That's too bad!: "Don't let it happen again."
[VVGQ] Quiet!: "Silence!"
[VVB] Be right back!: "Doom will return!"

"People like to drink their coffee hot or cold, I prefer mine at DOOM temperature!"
"The Soviet Union was DOOMED to fall, the red flags were everywhere!"
"Oedipus once asked the fates what his future was like. They responded, 'You will sleep with Joe.' He then replied, 'Who's Joe?'"
"Dread it, run from it, Doom still arrives."

"If you see me coming, it's already too late."
"Your demise approaches."
"Every step you take, is one step closer to death!"
"Your life is meaningless, just another soul waiting to perish."

Laughs (In a creepy tone/manner):
"Heh heh heh."
"Ehehehe ha ha!"

Directed Taunts:
Nox: "You remind me of my mother..."

Thanatos: "Not even you can outlast me brother."

Zeus: "If you cannot save your own fate, what makes you think you can alter that of others."

Achilles: "I take pleasure in sending you to the afterlife again!"

Neith: "Your weaves are nothing but pathetic pieces of art."

Anubis: "Even the God of the Dead must reach his doom."

Thoth: "No spells in your little book to stop doom, are there?"

Taunts Directed Towards Moros:
Nox: "I am not your mother!"

Thanatos: "Death takes us all in the end brother."

Zeus: "On this battleground, the only thing I dread is having to kill you more than once."

Anubis: "You have been judged and are cast to the depths of the Underworld!"

Baron Samedi: "Doom this, doom that. Why don't you cheer up and have some of my brew."

Hades: "Leave the soul tormenting to the professionals."

Skin Ideas

Grey Matter:
The name of this skin would be Grey Matter and it would be a recolor. This skin would turn Moros into a complete greyscale, representing how the afterlife is devoid of everything, including color. It is also a reference to his second ability, Impending Doom, in which the enemy's vision becomes greyscaled.

Doom and Gloom:
The name of this skin would be Doom and Gloom and its theme would be a Halloween themed skin. As the God of Doom, Moros enjoys Halloween as it's the scariest time of the year. Thus, he dawns the signature orange colors of Halloween, some gloomy purple colors, and adds a bit of armor to his look, as well as a terrifying mask! And who said Moros doesn't have a goofy side when it comes to costumes? Here he dawns some funky and stylish purple hair as well! All of his abilities will be changed to have a purple or orange tint, and ability animations will include pumpkins and scary faces (including his own from this skin). The voice of this skin would be similar to his base voice, but be slightly more jovial. It would still be dark and gloomy, but not as scary as his base voice.

The name of this skin would be Free-Doom and its theme would be the American skin theme, similar to Ra's Ra'merica skin. His weapons would be replaced by fireworks and all of his abilities will have custom sounds and animations that relate to fireworks, the American flag, eagles, and more. For example, when using his third ability in Unarmed stance, Doomport, fireworks will shoot out of the ground along with Moros when he teleports, the pools from his third ability in Daggers stance, Death and Torment, will leave an American flag instead of the regular soul-like look, etc. His voice would be similar to the other American themed skins.

The name of this skin would be Doomsday and its theme would be the Apocalypse skin theme. The abilities and animations would follow a similar theme to the Mad Max inspired skins such as Vulcan's skin Badlands, involving some explosions. There will also be some nuclear type abilities, which will show up in the Unarmed stance. The lore behind the skin is that this being has survived the apocalypse but was consumed by parts of it and now uses these unique abilities to help him survive. The voice would be a rugged, raspy, and deep voice that sounds like it has gone through a lot of pain, suffering, and lost.

The name of this skin would be Nightmare and its theme would be a sort of demonic/hell like being. The animations and colors would follow a fire-like theme and the different stances will also be represented by the color on the circular pieces on his armor. His voice would sound like a classic demonic voice, similar to other skins in Smite that follow this type of theme.

Doom Incarnate:
The name of this skin would be Doom Incarnate and it would be a crossover skin with the titular game Hades. The second game is set to release next year and Moros is said to make an appearance in the game and the following image is his art in game. His abilities and animations would have designs similar to those in the game and include a colorful and vibrant palette. As we don't know what his voice sounds like, I can't give an idea about it but whatever it ends up sounding like, will be the voice of this crossover skin.

The name of this skin would be Doomsicle and its theme would be the Summer skin theme, similar to Hercules's Hunkules skin. I was unable to get an image to represent my idea, but it would be Moros's base look, but with a bathing suit on, more color to it (maybe even a tan), and he would be holding popsicles as his weapons instead of daggers. His abilities and animations would be themed around sand, water, and his popsicles. His voice would be a lighter and more upbeat version of his regular voice. After all, even Doom needs a vacation.


Health: 615(+80)
Mana: 230(+40)
Speed: 370(+0)
Range: 12(+0)
Attack/Sec: 1(+1.9%)

Basic Attack:
Damage: 38(+2.2) +100% of Physical Power
Progression: 1/1/1.5x damage and swing time, hitting in an AoE on the final blow

Physical: 20(+3.2)
Magical: 30(+1.6)

HP5: 9(+0.7)
MP5: 4.8(+0.47)


Triple Threat: As Moros, use all variations of your Ultimate in one game.
True Doom: As Moros, hit enemy gods with all enhanced versions of your abilities in one game.

Overall Concept

Overall, for this year I wanted to focus on creating something truly unique and also, a God that can be quite challenging to play at times, but very rewarding if successful. I think I achieved that with a unique stance switching ability, as well as a fascinating never-before-seen ultimate that changes how the game works. I still remember the reaction to The Morrigan when she was first released and how cool she was with her unique ultimate. I believe that Moros follows a similar trend of a game-changing ultimate that would be fun and strong to use.

I also wanted my God to really fit in the theme of Halloween and for them to truly be scary and creepy. That's why I think Moros was a great selection. As the God of Doom, he is omnipresent and is pretty much one of the strongest beings in Greek mythology because no one can outrun their Doom. It's scary to think that you're on a battlefield and you may or may not see your Doom approaching, but you know it's there somewhere. I'm also proud of the art as I feel it truly captures the creepiness with his eerie colors, unsettling body, and terrifying stare. And some of the skin art is quite funny and looks like it came right out of Smite!

Also, I know that the number values for the abilities might not be the most balanced, but I tried my best to balance them in relation to other Gods and how they are balanced. I know the best way to truly balance would be to actually playtest it but for the moment, that isn't possible haha! Either way, the important thing isn't the numbers associated with the abilities, but rather the concept itself!

If you managed to make it this far, congratulations and thank you for reading through my God concept for the Greek God of Doom, Moros. I hope you enjoyed it and feel a little spooked after reading all about him! Feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion, question, or just your opinion on the concept. I tried to create something unique, scary and fun and I hope I achieved that for you! Thank you again and Happy Halloween! And who knows, maybe one day the God of Doom will be added to Smite! Until then, I'll see you on the Battleground of the Gods!

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